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Hailstorm Report. Hail-damaged cars It seeks hailstorms 24 on 24 - Hailstorm warning via SMS

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The season of hailstorms has begun: the climatic condition changes and the variability of the weather have prolonged the period of the year in which hail can occur in any strong thunderstorm, moreover have increased the disastrous events in Europe and in the rest of the World.

The information on the localities where it is hailed are a high added value product that we carry out with the monitoring of the greater hail falls, which contains the information on the dimensions of the hailstone and characterizes the zones affected by the greater damages.

Moreover, our Report is taking advantage of the data diffused by all the weather stations of the Earth, where you will be able to know live where it hails.

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The maximum added value of our hail report is coming from the coopeartion with a staff of experts who will evaluate the information, in order to supply to the Customer the more relevant news. A result that is achieved thanks to the aid of observatories (see 2005 Report) distributed across the European territory.

The news will be sent via email, while in case of severe phenomena will be forwarded directly by SMS. We suggest the reading of the Report of year 2005, with which you will be able to evaluate the exclusivity of our research, while with a profitable subscription deal you will be able to consult the news of the 2006 that will allow you to increase the income of Your Company.

The Hail Reports are an ideal tool for the auto bodies and in the Companies that repair car damaged by the hail.
The use of this tool draws to considerable economic advantages, overcoming the competition.

Auto bodies specialized in the repair of dented cars.
Our Reports have been using for many years, with great reusuts from small, medium and big auto body Companies in Italy, and in the rest of Europe, in North and South America.

Quick information via email and SMS
When severe hailstorms warnings are issued in your area, this service alerts you by SMS.
This means that you will be able to react faster than your competition.
Very detailed updates will be sent by e-mail or fax.

Report for Europe, or single states, regions
Different reports have been developed to fit different European geographical areas:
Italy, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, UK, France, Belgium, Baltic Rep., Holland, Lussemburgo, Germany, south Scandinavian Countries, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Rep., Slovakian Rep., Polonia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece.
Wether possible, we will also provide reports for Eastern Europe countries, like Turkey, Russia and Ucraina.

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Five years with You
The cooperation with several auto boby Companies across Europe is 5 years old, and we are getting new customers year by year.

we will never disclose the name of our Customers, and your competition will never say they are using our reports: we are the secret of their success and of the increase of their income.

Advertising (TV, press, Internet, etc ...) is too expensive and does not always give a good return on investment.
The only way to make money is to develop a focused business plan, finding out effective information on hailstorms: you cannot plan your activity based on someone's feeling or on the news got from newspapers, TV or Internet.

Do you want to receive some information on our subscription modalities?
You can contact us specifying the geographic area you are interested in and the name of your Company.

It is an immediate method of communication, thanks to an efficient technological system.
Wherever you are, you will be able to receive information from our experts.
The SMS hailstorms warning is a considerable tool we supply to whom it gets the Hail Report subscription.
With this service you will be informed about the more relevant events, localities where hailstorms occurred and information on damages or on fallen hailstones size.
The SMS are a synthetic report of the more important warnings and does not replace the traditional report that we daily send out by e-mail or fax.

The SMS service is particularly useful for all the Companies like auto bodies that are taking care of damaged cars.
Warnings SMS are additional to the detailed Report sent daily.

SMS service guaranteed in wherever you want.
We constantly monitor the correct receipt of the warnings with the analysis of the errors and state of shipment of the SMS.
With us you will not lose any warning, but only if your cell phone is on
You will receive the SMS any place in Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia.

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